To all Baseball St-Lazare parents:
We are informing you of a new initiative recently adopted by the Presidents' Committee of all the baseball associations in the Lac St-Louis region: the Respect Point program.  Over the past few years, the number of baseball players has continued to increase, however, on the other hand, the number of officials has been decreasing, mainly due to the lack of respect and recognition for our officials.  Things need to change.
The main mission of this program is to eliminate inappropriate behaviour towards officials, so that the teams themselves intervene at the source with their members (players, coaches, spectators) to stop this behaviour, or face sanctions.  During a game, if inappropriate behaviour towards officials is observed, the team will lose its respect point for that game, and will be given a team sanction for its next game.
It is up to everyone, including coaches, players, and especially parents, to ensure that the respect for officials is exemplary at all times.  If a parent witnesses another parent, coach or player on his or her team misbehaving and not acting in a proper manner towards officials, we ask parents to intervene and ensure those individuals stop their inappropriate behaviour. Failure to do so will result in the team being penalized for their next game.  It is therefore in the team's best interest to intervene and respect the program at all times.
You will find all the details of this program on the Lac St-Louis Region website, as well as guidelines (in French only).  Your team's coach must talk to you about this at the beginning of the season.  I personally remain available to answer any questions or help resolve issues. This program applies to all levels from U9A, and U11 to U18, at levels A and B.
We are counting on everyone's cooperation so that respect for our officials remains a priority. 
Wishing everyone a safe, respectful and fun baseball season!
Brian De Filippo
President, BSL


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